Application documents:

1. An application form
2. 2 recent passport-size photos;
3. A copy of the international passport;
4. For foreign nationals applying for a bachelor’s degree programme:
- a copy of the secondary education diploma and the diploma supplement to it with the grades;
- in case the secondary education diploma is issued by a secondary school outside the Republic of Bulgaria, appicants submit an official certificate issued by the Regional Inspectorate of Education at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria.
5. For foreign nationals applying for a master’s degree programme: a copy of the higher education diploma, including the diploma supplement with the grades, certifying that the applicant has obtained a degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree.
6. An application fee - € 100
7. A fee for recognition of prior degree of higher education – BGN 100 ( for admission to Master programmes only).


Deadlines and procedures:

  1. Thе documents listed in points 4 and 5 above have to be translated into Bulgarian and certified in accordance with the provisions of the international treaties of the Republic of Bulgaria with the country in which they are issued, and in the case of absence of such treaties – under the general procedure for legalization, translation and certification of documents and other papers.
  2. Deadline for submission of documents – 1 September.
  3. Burgas Free University sends the application documents to the Ministry of Education and Science for official approval.
  4. Within one month after the submission of the documents to the Ministry of Education and Science, the applicant shall be notified by email that the Certificate of education is issued and he/she has to pay the tuition fee for the first semester.
  5. International students have to be admitted to a full-time mode of study in order to apply for and obtain a visa type D for the Republic of Bulgaria.


Programmes - Full-time Mode of Study:

Bachelor Programmes

  1. Law (a Master’s programme after completion of secondary education)
  2. Accounting and Finance
  3. Marketing and Digital Communications
  4. Business Management and International Economics
  5. Software Engineering
  6. Computer Systems and Technologies
  7. Electric Energy Distribution and Electrical Equipment
  8. System Engineering in Industry and Tourism
  9. Psychology
  10. Pre-school and Primary School Pedagogy

Master programmes

  1. Engineering and Exploitation of Energy Systems
  2. Integrated Computer Systems and Clusters
  3. Forensic Engineering, Technical Expertise and Safety Management
  4. Fire Safety and Fire Protection Equipment
  5. Electronisation and Communication of Renewable Energy Sources
  6. Security of strategic Infrastructures and Productions
  7. Design and Managing  of Air and Marine Drones
  8. Applied Programming
  9. Artificial Intelligence
  10. Data Analysis
  11. Child and Adolescent Psychology
  12.  Pre-school and Primary School Pedagogy
  13.  Psychological Counseling
  14.  Maritime Law and Coastal Territories
  15.  Aviation Management
  16.  Circular Economy



1. The tuition fee for the semester for the preparatory Bulgarian language course (1200 euro per semester) is to be paid fully within one month after the Certificate of education is issued by the Ministry of Education and Science. The fee must be paid by bank transfer to the bank account of BFU:

Name of the bank: Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD
Address: 20 Geo Milev street, 8000 Burgas
IBAN: BG53BUIN78551480025826

The names of the applicant must be filled in.
Reason for payment/ Transfer details: tuition fee for the preparatory Bulgarian language course.

2. After payment of the tuition fee, international applicants receive from Burgas Free University:

  • A certificate of education issued by the Ministry of Education and Science;
  • An education evidence, stating that the student is enrolled in Burgas Free University in a preparatory Bulgarian language course;
  • An invoice – proof of payment of the tuition fee.

3. The documents for issuing a visa type D have to be submitted to the diplomatic or consular missions  of the Republic of Bulgaria in the respective country of the applicant, where the visa will also be received. The period for issuance of visas is one month, but it can be longer.



The language of instruction in all programmes is Bulgarian.
During the first year international students study Bulgarian language intensively.   
Tuition in the preparatory Bulgarian language course lasts for two semesters and classes take place at Burgas Free University every working day from 9.00 to 14.00 h.
Start of classes: November
The course ends with an exam in Bulgarian language.
Foreign nationals receive a certificate of proficiency of Bulgarian language with which they enrol as students in the desired programme.


Admission and Tuition Fees:

Application fee for foreign nationals - € 100
A fee for recognition of prior degree of higher education: BGN 100
Tution fee for one-year preparatory Bulgarian language course: € 1,200 per semester
Tuition fee :  € 1,500 per semester



Gergana Kirova
International Relations Office
tel: + 359 56 900 520