Rules and Requirements:

  • The applicants for a PhD programme have to hold a Master’s Degree.
  • The PhD programme can be full-time, part-time, individual and distance.
  • The full-time PhD programme is three years. The part-time programme takes four years. The duration of the individual form of education is specified in the individual study plan prepared for the PhD student.


  • The PhD applicants shall submit the following documents:
  1. an application form containing general personal information, as well as the level of command of foreign languages;
  2. a copy of the higher education diploma stating that the applicant holds a Master’s Degree;
  3. a medical certificate, issued no later than 1 month before the date of application, and endorsed by the competent authorities in the country from which the candidate applies;
  4. a list of the publications if relevant;
  5. a copy of the document of citizenship;
  6. a certificate for recognized higher education in case the diploma is issued by a higher education institution abroad;
  • The documents under points 2 and 3 shall be legalized, translated and certified at the Bulgarian Embassy or Consulate in the country, from which the candidate is applying.
  • The decision for approval of the applicants is taken by the hosting organizational unit within a period of one month after receiving the documents.
  • Burgas Free University submits to the Ministry of Education and Science the documents of the approved applicants – citizens of countries for whom a permission for long-term residence in the Republic of Bulgaria is required, as well as information about the following:
  1. the names of the applicant as in the passport, in Latin script, date of birth, place of birth, citizenship;
  2. the name of the scientific area, educational degree, the form and the term of education;
  3. the language and specialized preparation – the level of command of the Bulgarian language, the name of the main organizational unit in which the training will take place, the term of education;
  4. the amount of the annual tuition fee, and the tuition fee for the language and specialized preparation;
  5. the number and details of the bank account of BFU in which the tuition fees shall be transferred.
  • After considering the submitted documents in the main organizational unit, and in accordance with the proposal of the Faculty Council and the decision of the Scientific Council, the Rector issues an order for assigning the approved candidates on the PhD programme.
  • Burgas Free University informs in writing the Ministry of Education and Science about the enrolled PhD students.



Gergana Kirova

International Relations Office

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