Academician Ivan Popchev

The Academic Council of Burgas Free University awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor Honoris Causa to academician Ivan Popchev (12.05.2005) for his outstanding contribution in the field of theory of management and computer science and for increasing the popularity and worldwide recognition of Burgas Free University.

Academician Ivan Popchev has been a member of the academic staff of Burgas Free University since its establishment and is one of the founders of the speciality Computer Science at the Faculty for Computer Science and Engineering.

He is a member of 7 international and foreign scientific organizations and academies and has more than 140 participations in organizational and programme committees of congresses and conferences. He is the author of over 300 research works, including more than 30 textbooks in Bulgarian and English. The Truth Maintenance Theory in the Artificial Intelligence, created by academician Popchev, has been cited in the Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technologies, volume 32 of the American Publishing House Marcel Dekker and in the Encyclopedia for Microcomputers, volume 19. His textbooks are used by students from Bulgarian and Russian universities. He has received many prizes in Japan, USA, Austria, Germany, ex Soviet Union, Poland.

Academician Popchev has been actively working in the area of human resources. Over 30 PhD papers have been successfully defended under his supervision. He has held lectures in Bulgaria and abroad – Berlin, Ilmenau, Moscow, Warsaw, Los Angelis, Tsukuba – Japan, Maastricht.