Accounting and Finance

Faculty: Faculty of Business Studies
Degree: Bachelor
Professional Qualification: Economist
Mode of Study: full-time, part-time
Length of Study: 4 years


Programme Profile:
The Bachelor’s degree programme in Accounting and Finance prepares qualified professionals in the field of Accounting and Finance for the private and the public sector as well as government and municipal administration. The students enrolled in the program acquire fundamental economic preparation and also special knowledge, skills and competences in corporate and public finance, banks, insurance and social insurance, the technology of accounting reporting, analysis and control, the accountancy in the different business fields – financial, bank and budget accounting. Training in this specialty also includes mastering of tax, customs and currency control, investments and capital markets, international financial and currency relations. The program reflects the contemporary trends in higher education and the specialty. It is in compliance with the government regulations. The curriculum also reflects that of similar programs at leading universities in Bulgaria and abroad.


Additional qualification:
An option exists for interested students to acquire a professional qualification ‘Teacher in economic courses’ or ‘Teacher in Technology and Entrepreneurship’. Students can enrol in qualification course during their studies or after completion. Additionally, courses for Insurance brokers in accordance with the Insurance Code are offered.


Practical Training and Internship:
Students have specialized practice as an element of the curriculum as well as the opportunity for traineeship abroad within the Erasmus+ programme.


Student Mobility:
The European programme Erasmus+ provides opportunities for the students to receive a grant and study abroad at the partner universities of BFU in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, etc. Students from the Faculty of Business Studies participate in various international projects and programmes.


Career Opportunities:
The graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance have a wide range of possibilities for successful professional career in various sectors of the economy. They are highly employable as accountants, specialists in company analyses and control, accounting consultants, in auditing societies and companies, specialists in tax management and tax administration, financial consultants, managers and entrepreneurs, specialists in the banks and customs, credit inspectors, employees in regional and municipal administrations, financial consultants in EU-funded and investment projects and programs. The graduates are well prepared to pursue a Master's degree. They have the necessary academic preparation allowing them to develop further their professional qualification for Certified Expert Accountants, Registered Auditors or Certified Financial Analysts.


Admission of Bulgarian students is based on their matriculation exam grades or entrance exam grades.
Admission of international students is based on their secondary education diploma allowing them access to higher education in their country of origin.


 Curriculum and Syllabi