Pre-school and Primary School Pedagogy

Pre-school and Primary School Pedagogy
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Degree: Bachelor
Professional Qualification: Pedagogue/Teacher, Pre-school Teacher, Primary School Teacher
Mode of Study: full-time, part-time
Length of Study: 4 years


Programme Profile:

A Bachelor of Pre-school and Primary School Pedagogy possesses high professional training, rich linguistic culture, good knowledge of psychological and pedagogical subjects dealing with the characteristics of the cognitive, emotional and physical development of pre-school and primary school children, as well as a good command of the fundamentals of teaching particular school subjects and good knowledge of the European education requirements. Emphasis is put on the contemporary approach based on the different roles of pre-school and primary school teachers associated with realizing the purposes of the educational process in  kindergartens and primary schools towards complete individual development of each participant in the educational interaction according to their own capabilities.


Practical Training and Internships:

Practical training is held in educational institutions such as kindergartens and schools, children’s and resource centres through observation and participation in the educational process. Specialized practical training is part of the curriculum and it is guided by teachers. The Laboratory for psychological, pedagogical and social research, which is part of the Faculty of Humanities, provides practice and research opportunities for students in the process of education. Students are also given opportunities to practice abroad according to the Erasmus programme.


International Credit Mobility:

The Erasmus programme provides opportunities for the students to receive a grant and study abroad at our partner universities.


Career Opportunities:

A Bachelor in Pre-school and Primary School Pedagogy can work as: pre-school teacher; primary school teacher; tutor; educator in institutions for pre-school and primary school children; manager and teacher in centres for working with children, children’s schools and groups for extracurricular activities; position in children’s departments and institutions for mass and art communication; consulting expert in institutions working with pre-school and primary school children; position in diagnostic and prognostic centres; consultant and manager of pre-school and primary school children in institutions and private kindergartens and schools.



Admission of students is based on their matriculation exam grades or entrance exam grades.


 Curriculum and Syllabi