Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Degree: Bachelor
Professional Qualification: Psychologist
Mode of Study: full-time, part-time
Length of Study: 4 years

Programme Profile:
The Bachelor programme in Psychology aims at training professionals, well prepared to be realized in the extremely complex, dynamic world of individual and social relationships. To achieve this aim, students need to acquire systematic knowledge of contemporary psychological theories and practices, of modern technologies and methods of diagnostics in psychology, of personality dynamics ( norm and pathology ) and the diversity of human relationships, of the way communities function under the conditions of a  developing democratic society.


Practical Training and Internship:
Specialized training is carried out as part of the subject curriculum. The training is supervised by a tutor. The Faculty of Humanities runs a Laboratory for Psychological Support and Development and a Laboratory for Psychological and Social Research, which provide opportunities for students to practise and do research while studying. The university provides internship in institutions and organizations dealing with mental health problems, psychological counseling and support.
Students can practise abroad within the Erasmus+ programme.


Student Mobility:
The European programme Erasmus+ provides opportunities to the students to receive a grant and study abroad at BFU partner universities in the UK, Portugal, Poland, etc.


Career Opportunities:
Graduates of Psychology Bachelor Programme can work in counseling centres, psychological consulting offices, institutions and organizations for psychological support.


Admission of Bulgarian students is based on their matriculation exam grades or entrance exam grades.
Admission of international students is based on their secondary education diploma allowing them access to higher education in their country of origin.


 Curriculum and Syllabi