Faculty: Faculty of Legal Studies
Degree: Master
Professional Qualification: Lawyer
Mode of Study: full-time, part-time
Length of Study: 5 years

Programme Profile:
The programme includes all mandatory courses according to state requirements for the acquisition of legal qualifications. These courses give through and solid fundamental training in the subject of Law. A distinctive characteristics of the legal training at BFU is the inclusion of various optional courses in the traditional and topical legal spheres. This enables students to develop their own professional profile in accordance with their interests and professional fulfillment. Another distinctive characteristics of the subject of Law at BFU is the inclusion of practice courses and legal practicums. These start the very first year of tuition and develop relevant skills in the practice of law. 

Practical Training and Internship:
After their second year of studies students of Law have their annual internship in the legal institutions of the judiciary. The judicial internship is carried out under the supervision of a university lecturer and is part of the syllabus. There is also a Law Clinic in the Faculty of Law which provides students with hands-on legal experience.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates can work in all spheres of the judiciary: as judges, solicitors, police investigators, state prosecutors, company lawyers and research workers in the legal sciences. 

Bulgarian applicants have to sit a Bulgarian Language and a Bulgarian History entrance exam.
Admission of international students is based on their secondary education diploma allowing them access to higher education in their country of origin.

 Curriculum and Syllabi