Faculty: Faculty of Legal Studies
Degree: Bachelor
Professional Qualification: Public Administration
Mode of Study: full-time, part-time
Length of Study: 4 years

Programme Profile:
The programme of Public Administration provides a wide range of functional knowledge in the spheres of government, economics, law and the political sciences. Education takes into account the on-going administrative reform in the country and facilitates this process by building up qualified skills in the sphere of modern administrative, technological, informational and managerial techniques and strategic approaches. Furthermore, training is tailored to prepare the administrative potential for the European integration, to establish high legal literacy and to uphold the principle of legality in public administration. The syllabus is in line with the specifics of the region and the tendencies in the development of public administration. It offers a choice of specializations in European integration and marine administration.

Practical Training and Internship:
A one-month summer internship is organized during education. The main purpose of the internship is to give students the opportunity to acquire the necessary practical skills for their future profession. The internships familiarize students with the on-going social processes; they also help students form a clear idea of how to serve citizens in real-life situations. During their internship students carry out current tasks or perform duties in accordance with the needs and work organization of the host institution.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates can work as civil servants. They can be employed in the state and regional administration or work as experts and consultants in the public services organizations, in the administration of non-state economic and non-economic organizations, in international organizations and others.

Admission of Bulgarian students is based on their matriculation exam grades or entrance exam grades.
Admission of international students is based on their secondary education diploma allowing them access to higher education in their country of origin.


 Curriculum and Syllabi