Engineering and Electronics Design in Electrical Equipment

PhD Programme: “Engineering and Electronics Design in Electrical Equipment”
Faculty: Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
Educational and Scientific Degree: Doctor 
Scientific Major:  5.2. „Electrical Equipment, Electronics and Automation
Mode of Study: full-time, part-time

Programme Profile: The students with a Master’s degree can continue with their education in the PhD programme “Engineering and Electronics Design in Electrical Equipment”.The programme provides fundamental theoretical knowledge in the field of informatics and computer science; specialized knowledge in the field of electrical equipment and electronics; skills to define a research problem independently, to conduct the successful relevant literature search; skills to create a reference list/bibliography on a particular topic, to use technical literature and obtain and evaluate the necessary information; skills to synthesize with the purpose to express different arguments and opinions and their critical analysis, to design and defend a thesis, to develop new hypotheses and suggest the relevant solutions; scientific writing and publishing skills; skills to create and apply mathematical models; skills for research work as well as methodological preparation for teaching in universities.

PhD Graduates Competences:

The PhD graduates can continue their career as researchers, capable to conduct independent research, lecturers at higher educational institutions, business executives and analytical specialists, consultants and heads of departments in central and local government offices , local government authorities and the municipal authorities regulating the industry sectors, electricity distribution companies, private companies, etc.

PhD students need to acquire the number of credits required and defend a PhD thesis.

Professional Qualification and Career Opportunities:
The PhD Graduates are ICT specialists in the field of management of electronics and electrical equipment, who can successfully continue their career in the area of electrical supply and equipment, the development of mathematical models and algorithms. The PhD graduates in Engineering and Electronics Design in Electrical Equipment are valued as lecturers in higher education institutions and research fellows, capable of developing independent research.