PhD Programme: Economics and Management

Faculty: Faculty of Business Studies

Educational and Scientific Degree: Doctor
Scientific Major: 3.8. Economics
Mode of Study: full-time; part-time; individual

Programme Profile:

The PHD programme in Economics and Management is connected with the needs of researchers for the business in the Southeastern region of Bulgaria and the fact that no other university offers a similar program in this region. This PHD programme gives the opportunity for a broad basic training in specialized courses with further definition of the sector in view of the specific needs for developing the chosen topic of the dissertation.

Burgas Free University and the Faculty of Business Studies develop and support the transfer of scientific and applied results into the practice in favor of increasing the competitiveness and vitality of Bulgarian branches in the industry and services in the globalizing economy. The expected topics are in the corporative sector of the investment decisions and the strategy development, as well as in the entrepreneurship sector, innovations and project management.

PhD Graduates Competences

In the process of training and research the PhD student is being prepared for proving competences in personal and professional culture, as follows:

  • implementation of a broad toolbox of scientific and practical methods and techniques for testing the activity of enterprises, sectors and branches of industry and services;
  • implementation of scientific and applied research results in the activity of companies of the leading sectors and branches of the industry and services in the Southeastern region of Bulgaria;
  • development of capable teamwork specialists with businesslike, competence and leadership skills.

PhD students need to acquire the number of credits required and defend a PhD thesis.

Professional Qualification and Career Opportunities:

The PhD graduates in Economics and Management can:

  • conduct teaching and research activity in universities, research institutes and high-tech companies at home and abroad;
  • develop careers as managers, professionals and analysts in small, medium and large enterprises in the Bulgarian industry, bodies of the state and municipal government, banks, investment companies and funds, consulting firms, business incubators, business clusters and networks and others.