Halo Burgas, Apa kabar?

It’s a greeting in Indonesian language which means “Hi Burgas, How are you?”. My name is Sofiany and yes! I am from Indonesia. As a country, Indonesia has more than seventeen thousand islands which consist of more than one thousand and one hundred ethnic groups. I have been working and living in Jakarta, the Capital City of Indonesia. With the number of population up to 13 Million in day time, Jakarta becomes the twelfth largest city in the world. This is the place where you can find a large variety of everything: ethnicity, languages, culture and of course malls. Jakarta is a multicultural city made up by millions of migrants and visitors; parallels the modernity of a metropolis. To sum up, everything Jakarta is the city that never sleeps.

Coming to Burgas Free University through SmartLink Administrative Staff Exchange program gives me chances to work and learn for one month. What I like the most about Burgas is the fact that it is so easy to walk everywhere on foot here. The pedestrian walk throughout the city is well organized and the drivers here respect pedestrians. Not to forget also it has great sightseeing spot around the city completed with the nice weather. People here in general are also nice and have a good intention even though with the limited English speaking ability. The other great thing here is the food! Yes. They have the most authentic and delicious food. You name it: the Shopska salad, Bulgarian cheese, yogurt, and also the uniqueness taste of Rakia.

Overall, I can say I have a pleasant stay in Burgas and I hope that someday I can return here for a visit. If you are looking for something authentic, original, with not too overwhelming city life, Burgas is the place that you should visit at least once in your life. Feel free to contact me through Facebook if you have any question about living in Jakarta or my other experience in living in Burgas. Blagodarya! - Priyatno mi e! (