BFU to the Families of the Students Applicants in Foreign Universities

BFU to the Families of the Students Applicants in Foreign Universities

After the numerous questions coming from families of the potential students applicants abroad, the Burgas Free University offers a perfect matching option, providing the social safety and security of the decisions for the young people.

The students’ applicants considering their education abroad, may now apply at the BFU, and in any moment they feel safe, socially stable and secure, they may continue their education in the foreign universities. All the educational credits achieved for successful exams in a certain course will be validated by BFU according to the European Credit Transfer System and used at the foreign university. At the same time, even after they start at the foreign university, their students’ rights will be guaranteed for the period after, and BFU will acknowledge reversely in a maximum degree the ECTS obtained abroad. In this way, after or before completing their education abroad those students from may consider achieving a BFU diploma only with the necessary for the degree required additional courses or directly.

The students applicants with high achievements and starting regular form of education at BFU will receive scholarships under the newly launched by the Burgas Municipality programme “Successful Students”, as well as under the “Student Practices – Phase 2” project, financed by the EU OP”NOIR”. The future students choosing the full course of education at BFU will enjoy the opportunities of scholarships and having two semesters at a Erasmus+ partner university referred here

The whole process of application at BFU is online and described here (for the Bulgarian applicants in their language) and at for the foreign applicants. The application could be performed online here

Additional information you may receive at . The offer described in this announcement is valid for programmes which are the same or close to the current programmes at the BFU, which you may consult here (for the Bulgarian applicants in their language) and for the foreign students applicants at .