BFU Starts International Series of Conferences on the Multidisciplinary Innovation for Social Change

BFU Starts International Series of Conferences on the Multidisciplinary Innovation for Social Change

The Burgas Free University is launching a new International Scientific Conference "Multidisciplinary Innovations for Social Change" and on June 7-8, 2024, will host the first edition entitled "Educational Transformations and Entrepreneurship".


The topic of the new series of conferences is set by the KOST action "Multidisciplinary Innovation for Social Change" held in the period October 2019 - April 2024 and is a continuation of the achievements of over 100 researchers from 35 countries in this direction. At its core is the quadrangle of collaboration between different fields of knowledge, including higher education, secondary education and training, research and business, leading to the creation of new products, services and practices with a positive impact on society.


Thematic directions:

  • Multidisciplinary innovations and investments for circular economy and sustainable development (in English only)
  • Digital divide and social inequalities: levels, actors and interactions
  • Challenges to infrastructural and regional development for social change (in English only)
  • Tourism development and marketing solutions in the context of social innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Multidisciplinary innovations in psychology, social work and pedagogy
  • Educational transformations and entrepreneurship through collaboration and knowledge exchange
  • Critical thinking and the era of the information society (only in English)
  • Investments in human resources and social economy
  • Legal and administrative aspects of social change
  • Technical and transport solutions related to multidisciplinary innovation for social change
  • Information technology use of artificial intelligence for social innovation


Working languages: Bulgarian and English


During the conference, the work and results of projects under the "Scientific Research" Fund "Attitudes of Bulgarian entrepreneurs and managers towards the continuing professional training of human resources in the organization" headed by Prof. Dr. Maria Neicheva and "Digital divide and social inequalities: levels, actors and interactions", headed by the director of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the BAS - Prof. Ph.D. Rumyana Stoilova.

BSU's partners from Greece, Estonia, Malaysia, Portugal, the Republic of South Africa, Poland, the Netherlands, Colombia, Great Britain, Slovakia, Germany, Montenegro, Hungary, Croatia, etc. will take special part in the conference.


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For information and registration for participation visit the conference page!