TEACHERS AHEAD through the European Researchers’ Night at BFU

TEACHERS AHEAD through the European Researchers’ Night at BFU

On November 27, 2020 Burgas Free University once again joined the European Researchers’ Night, the annual event celebrating science and research, which took place simultaneously in many cities across Europe. Burgas Free University participated in the European Researchers’ Night with four virtual events – “Innovative online methods of teaching with MoodleCloud and Introduction to H5P”, “Diagnosis of Managerial Competence – Comparison of the Polish and Bulgarian System”, as well as the COST Actions (financed under the EU Horizon 2020) “Multi-disciplinary innovation for social change” and the Annual WECanet “A Pan-European Network for Marine Renewable Energy”. Participants from 12 European countries took part in the four events with presentations and interpretation in English, Polish, Italian, French, Spanish and Bulgarian.

Burgas Free University along with Lycée bilingue de langues romanes “G.S.Rakovski”- Burgas and 5 educational institutions from Italy, 1 from Spain, 1 from France and Leeds Beckett University, the UK took part in the event under the Erasmus” KA2 Strategic Partnerships for school Education project “Digital skilled Teachers Acting for Higher and Inclusive Education (TEACHERS AHEAD)”. The partner organisation of BFU under the Polish OP "PO WER - Knowledge Education Development” is the Warsaw Management University.

Under the “TEACHERS AHEAD“ project, which involves 10 partner institutions altogether, each of the partner institutions will organise and hold the planned project activities online – through a series of webinars and online activities that include independent work on the developed resources and creation of a final product – teaching resources related to the topics, goals and objectives of the project.

The topic of the first webinar organised and held by BFU and Lycée bilingue de langues romanes “G.S.Rakovski ” on November 27th, 2020 was “Experiences and use of digital platforms in the classroom with a focus on Using MOODLE as a teaching/learning platform”. The webinar was opened by Prof. Dr. Milen Baltov - Vice-Rector of Research and International Cooperation of Burgas Free University.

The main focus of the webinar was on the Intellectual Output developed by BFU under the “TEACHERS AHEAD“ project - designing a 3-stage hybrid learning course: “Innovation at school: the use of ICT in the development of digital teaching materials based on the Flipped approach, able to favour a significant environment of technologically stimulating learning”, as well as an introduction to Moodle administration - a presentation on how to use Moodle Cloud- creating an account and setting up a course and an introduction to the recently developed module “H5P” - how to create, share and reuse interactive content and successfully apply it in distance learning in an electronic environment. Fifty-four participants took part in the webinar which lasted until 21.30 h – teachers and university lecturers from Italy, Spain, France, the UK as well as representatives from BFU and Lycée bilingue de langues romanes “G.S.Rakovski”.

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