Faculty of Humanities

Център по хуманитарни науки

The Faculty of Humanities is a basic unit in the structure of Burgas Free University, providing training and scientific research in the area of the Humanities and Social Theory. Two department councils function within the structure of the Faculty: ‘Public Communications and Information Sciences’ and ‘Social Work and Psychology. The academic staff at the faculty consists of highly qualified lecturers with significant scientific achievements, who are involved in a number of international projects, projects of the National Science Fund as well as projects funded under European programmes. The Journal ‘Suvremenna Humanitaristika’ (Journal Contemporary Humanitaristics), which publishes articles by distinguished Bulgarian and foreign scientists, is issued by the Faculty of Humanities at Burgas Free University.

According to the Bulgarian University Ranking System the Faculty of Humanities ranks first among all other universities in the field of public communications: in terms of the theoretical knowledge and the level of practical skills acquired, the facilities provided, the teaching and learning environment, the library stock and administrative services assessment, the students’ participation in internships. The Faculty of Humanities holds the second place in the country in terms of the assessment of international mobility opportunities, financial support and scholarships per student, the participation of students in research activities, the support for career development and other criteria relevant to the training.

The state-of-the-art curricula involve active methods of teaching, practically oriented to meet the requirements of employers. The Faculty of Humanities has established long-term contacts with regional and social media, professional organisations, companies, government institutions and non-governmental organisations for the implementation of internships, placements, seminars and other co-operate activities. To facilitate the practical training of the students and their participation in research activities the following facilities were established and function at the Faculty:

  • The student-run PR Agency Practa which enables students majoring in Public Relations and Journalism to implement original media projects, run campaigns and  events a as well as participate in activities and contests organised by the Bulgarian Public Relations Society;
  • The Laboratory for Psychological Support and Development where students majoring in Social Work and Counselling and Psychology render consultative support under the supervision of nationally known experts;
  • The Laboratory for Psychological and Social Research in which psychologists, social workers, teachers, sociologists, journalists and PR experts are involved in psychological research activities and projects;
  • The university student newspaper Student Passions, available in print and online, run by the students majoring in Journalism and the students’ radio programme ‘The Wall’ broadcast by Radio Bulgaria – Burgas;
  • The Student Centre for Career Development at Burgas Free University also furthers the practical training and the professional development of students.

The mutually motivating relationship between students and lecturers stimulates learning, research, self-study and creative thinking. Burgas Free University hosts an annual National Student Research Conference where the students of the Faculty of Humanities guided by their tutors, have the chance to participate and present their research papers. The Faculty of Humanities promotes the students’ participation in various contests, conferences and forums organised by universities and institutions and encourage all beneficial initiatives undertaken by its undergraduates. 

The Faculty of Humanities hosts an annual Contest for ‘The Dean’s Award’.

The students also have the opportunity for participation in the Debates Club, the Student Theatre Club, the University Sports Club, etc.

The education is carried out in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which enables the international mobility of students. Under the Erasmus+ programme for study mobility students from the Faculty of Humanities are given the opportunity to receive grants for international placements and participation in international co-operation projects as well as undertake a study for one semester at a European university – partner of the Faculty of Humanities.