Faculty of Legal Studies

Център по юридически науки

The Faculty of Legal Studies is a basic unit in the structure of Burgas Free University providing training and doing scientific research in the field of Law and Public Administration. It consists of a Faculty of Law and a Law Clinic. The Faculty of Law was the first faculty established in the structure of Burgas Free University and the second faculty of law in the country. The following department councils function within the structure of the Faculty of Legal Studies: ‘Public Law’, ‘Private Law’ and ‘International Law and International Relations’.

The Faculty of Legal Studies is a full member of the European Law Faculties Association (ELFA), which enables us to follow the latest trends in the area of European Law. The Faculty has developed a long-term cooperation programme with the Bulgarian Association of International Law and the Institute of International Law. The Faculty of Legal Studies has established research cooperation with the Faculties of Law at the University of Ryukoku – Kyoto, Japan; Moscow State University, Vilnius University – Lithuania, Trnava University - the Slovak Republic, the University of Oslo – Norway, etc. The Faculty of Legal Studies issues a special scientific journal – Journal of Legal Studies.

According to the Bulgarian University Ranking System the Faculty of Legal Studies ranks first among all the other universities in terms of the facilities provided, the teaching and learning environment, the library stock and administrative services assessment and holds the second place in the country in terms of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired, the students’ participation in internships, the support for career development, the assessment of international mobility opportunities, regional importance, etc.

The Faculty of Legal Studies is the only faculty in Southeastern Bulgaria providing training in Law and in Public Administration. The tuition is carried out in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which provides a basis for comparison, gives students the opportunity to choose elective courses or subjects and enables the international mobility of students. The curricula designed for both professional fields comprise a variety of elective courses and subjects which enables students to build the desired professional profile.

The process of training is geared towards acquiring practical skills. The students majoring in Law have regular court practice Included in the curriculum. The on-site Law Clinic is a key factor in the process of education since it enables students to relate the acquired theoretical knowledge to the practical skills needed. The students majoring in courses in the educational field Administration and Management do internships in governmental and municipal institutions. The Student Centre for Career Development at Burgas Free University also furthers the practical training and the professional development of students.

The students of the Faculty of Legal Studies also have the opportunity to participate in the Case Study Club, the Debates Club and the Student Club Manager. The Faculty of Legal Studies hosts an annual National Student Competition for case solving with the participation of teams from all the universities training students in the field of Law and the students of the Faculty participate in similar competitions organised by other universities. Burgas Free University organises an annual National Student Research Conference where the students of the Faculty of Legal Studies majoring in Law and Administration and Management participate and present their research papers. The Faculty of Legal Studies promotes the students’ participation in various contests, conferences and scientific events organised by Burgas Free Universty and the Faculty of Legal Studies as well as by various other universities and institutions.