How does distance learning take place

Distance learning at Burgas Free University is web-based e-learning. It is available online on the Moodle e-learning platform.

Burgas Free University provides online e-learning resources to the students and trainees enrolled in distance learning programs and courses through the Moodle Platform. The e-learning resources include basic(fundamental) and supplementary teaching resources, tests and assignments with online assessment, as well as various tools for communication with the lecturers and online consultations.

The distance learning is organised in such a way that it offers students and trainees distance tuition, enabling them to plan their study activities independently, flexibly and at their convenience.

The students and trainees who have enrolled in a distance learning course receive a username and password, which allow them access to the online resources on the Moodle platform. The student/trainee receives the username and password after admission to Burgas Free University and once the student/trainee has paid his/her tuition fee.

Face-to-face consultations with a tutor or similar appropriate forms of training facilitating distance learning could be organised depending on the specifics of the program/course and, if necessary.

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