Master’s degree in Pre-school and Primary School Pedagogy

Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Degree: Master
Professional Qualification: Pre-school and Primary School Teacher
Mode of Study: part-time


Programme Profile:

Master programme ‘Pre-school and Primary School Pedagogy” provides a good command and enriches the knowledge associated with the fundamental concepts and trends in contemporary psychological and pedagogical theories, schools and tendencies. Master students’ training is focused on the issues of the growing-ups which the teacher has to solve within a preparatory group/class as well as on providing consulting and preventive activities for pre-school and primary school children. Master programme graduates can get a position in the educational system as pre-school and primary school teachers, experts and consultants at the Ministry of Education, in non-governmental organizations, in the government, in the public administration, etc.


Mode of Study:

For Bachelor graduates in professional profile 1.2.Pedagogy, the length of study is 2 semesters /1 year/, as well as defending a graduation paper. Graduates from other professional profiles are offered a programme providing a preparatory module of subjects.



Admission to Master programme ‘Pre-school and Primary School Pedagogy’ is based on Bachelor’s or Master’s degree diploma.


 Curriculum and Syllabi