Master’s degree in Pre-school Pedagogy and Foreign Language (English)

Master's Degree Program in Pre-School Pedagogy and Foreign Language (English) – PSPFL
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Educational Qualification Degree: Master
Professional Qualification: Master in Pre-School Pedagogy and Foreign Language (English)
Mode of study: Part-time


Programme profile

The Master's Degree Program in Pre-school Pedagogy and Foreign Language provides an opportunity for acquiring and expanding the knowledge of a foreign (English), as well as the knowledge and competences in the field of pedagogical and psychological sciences and the methodology of teaching a foreign language (English). The training is in the context of fundamental concepts and trends in contemporary psycho-pedagogical theories, schools, and fields and supports the acquisition of competencies for organizing and managing the pedagogical interaction in a foreign language (English) in kindergartens. The programme focuses on enhancing the pedagogical competences of the students in view of their realization as teachers of a foreign language (English) in kindergartens or preparatory groups. In the course of study the students will develop skills for dealing with educational documentation and for analysing and adapting various foreign language (English) training programs for children aged 3-6 years. They will also be able to develop their own style of pedagogical interaction with children in kindergartens.


Duration of the programme 

For applicants with an educational qualification degree Bachelor in the professional field 1.2. Pedagogy (Pre-School Pedagogy, Pre-School and Primary School Pedagogy) – 3 semesters (1.5 years). The course of study ends with a thesis defense. Applicants with a degree in other professional fields are provided with the opportunity to enrol in a preparatory module.



Admission to the Master's program in Pre-School Pedagogy and Foreign Language (English) is open to applicants with a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.

 Curriculum and Syllabi