Master’s degree in Digital Media and Public Relations

Master's Degree Program in Digital Media and Public Relations
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Educational qualification degree: Master
Professional Qualification: Master in Digital Media and Public Relations
Mode of study: Part-time, distance learning


Programme profile

The Master’s programme in Digital Media and Public Relations is in line with the trend in the development of modern corporate communications in the context of digital technologies. This programme builds upon and expands the knowledge of corporate media and brand journalism, social media and digital advertising. During their studies the students develop fundamental, key and specific competences in the field of communications related to maintaining high standards of professionalism in the digital environment. These competences are essential for implementing effective communication practices and modern methods for researching mass communications. They are important for sustaining high ethical and behavioral standards in the online environment and for facilitating the process of conflict management and dealing with crisis PR.


Duration of the programme

For applicants with an educational qualification degree Bachelor in the professional field 3.5. Social Communications and Information Sciences (Public Relations, Journalism, Public Communications and Social Psychology, etc.) – 3 semesters (1.5 years). The course of study ends with a thesis defense. Applicants with a degree in other professional fields are provided with the opportunity to enroll in a preparatory module.



Admission to the Master's program in Digital Media and Public Relations is open to applicants with a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.


 Curriculum and Syllabi