Master’s degree in Psychological Counseling

Counseling Psychology
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Degree: Master
Professional Qualification: Counseling Psychologists
Mode of Study: part-time 


Programme Profile:

The Master Programme of Counseling Psychology prepares specialists (Counseling Psychologists) who have in-depth knowledge and practical competences for analytical, diagnostic, prognostic, research and counseling activities in the field of Psychology. The Master Programme in Counseling Psychology offers its students knowledge in the field of counseling psychology to normal persons as well as to ones with social and psychological problems. Training in this specialty includes mastering of family counseling, counseling of people with psychosomatic problems, counseling in case of pathology during the early child’s mental development and behavioral disorders in children age, counseling adolescents with behavioral abnormalities, the ones at risk and with addictions. The Master of Psychological Counseling possesses competences for: applying modern psychological assessment methods and counseling approaches; organizing and planning psychological counseling and psychological support for individuals and groups; analyzing and summarizing the data obtained out of psychological research; detecting and assessing the trends in the development of a human personality both in norm and in case of pathology, as well as of  a whole group. During the training process, the students develop organizational skills and sensitiveness to social objects (other people, communities and groups). The graduates of the Master Program of Counseling Psychology are highly employable in: the educational system, in health and hospital institutions, in the psychological counseling services of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, in the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense units, in non-government organizations, in the judicial system, in social institutions and organizations.



For graduates in professional field 3.2. Psychology the tuition is 2 semesters (one academic year) and they write a Master’s thesis. Graduates in other professional fields can enroll in the Programme after passing a foundation module of subjects. 



Admission is with a Bachelor's or Master's Diploma.

 Curriculum and Syllabi