Master’s Degree in Electronization and Communication for Renewable Energy Sources

Faculty: Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
Degree: Master
Professional Qualification: Master of Engineering
Mode of Study: part-time; full-time; distance learning


Programme Profile: 
The specialty "Electrification and communication of renewable energy sources (RES)" offers a complex of engineering knowledge, skills and competencies related to modern energy production technologies using renewable energy sources, application of renewable energy systems to increase the energy efficiency of buildings and industrial systems, operation of renewable energy plants, low-carbon industrial technologies, etc. The training is organized according to a curriculum in accordance with the most modern requirements and normative documents in the field of renewable energy sources. 


Requirements and Length of Study:
Graduates in professional fields 5.1. Mechanical engineering, 5.2. Electrical engineering, electronics and automation, 5.3. Communication and computer equipment, 5.4. Energy, 5.5. Transport, shipping and aviation, 5.7. Architecture, construction and geodesy, 5.10. Chemical technologies and 5.13. General engineering, studies are 2 semesters (one year) and end with a thesis. For candidates who graduated from the OCS "Bachelor" in majors from other professional fields, as well as for those who completed the "Professional Bachelor" degree in field 5.2. Electrical engineering, electronics and automation, it is possible to be included in the program with a preparatory module of disciplines.


Admission to the master's program in the specialty "Electrification and communication of renewable energy sources (RES)" is based on documents - with a diploma of completed higher education with a bachelor's or master's degree.


 Curriculum and Syllabi