Master’s Degree in Information Security


Faculty: Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
Degree: Master
Professional Qualification: Master of Informatics
Mode of Study: full-time, part-time, distance learning

Programme Profile: 
The Master Programme of Information Security provides both basic theoretical knowledge of the topical problems of information security and practical skills for their solution. Taking into account the latest trends in that field it upgrades the basic knowledge of the students in the field of the applied and system software, the system and network technologies, the design and development of local and distributed systems working in Intranet and Internet environment. 
Part of the subjects in the programme covers level 1 and 2 of the CISCO academy providing the students with useful practical skills. The Masters of Information Security can work as analysts, designers, consultants, officials of security in public or private organizations. They are fully prepared to work in the field of education, to do research work or continue their studies for a PhD degree in the field of information security. 

Requirements and Length of Study:
Graduates in professional fields 4.6. Informatics and Computer Science and 5.3. Communication and Computer Technology study for two semesters (one academic year) and write a Master’s thesis. Graduates in other professional fields study for four semesters (two academic years) and write a Master’s thesis. 

Admission is based on a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Diploma.


 Curriculum and Syllabi