Faculty: Faculty of Legal Studies
Degree: Master’s
Professional Qualification: Master of Customs Investigation
Mode of Study: part-time

Programme Profile:
The Master programme in Customs Intelligence and Investigation trains graduates to become highly qualified specialists for the needs of the Ministry of Finance and the Customs Agency. The programme’s main goal is to train experts to successfully carry out assignments in the field of customs investigation and to take urgent action, when necessary in order to gather high-quality evidence on cases of customs related crimes. The programme provides specialized knowledge and creates skills both in the spheres of pre-legal proceedings and the modern administrative, information and managerial techniques in accordance with the activities of the Ministry of Finance and the Customs Agency. Postgraduates who have successfully completed the Master Programme in Customs Intelligence and Investigation can work as civil servants, managers and experts in the structures of the Ministry of Finance and the Customs Agency. They can also work as consultants in the sphere of customs taxation.

Requirements and Length of Study:
Graduates in professional fields 3.7. Administration and Management, 3.6. Law, 3.8. Economics and 9.1. National Security study for two semesters (one year) and write a Master’s thesis. Candidates who have graduated in other professional fields can also enroll, but will have to read additional subjects. Education for them also lasts two semesters.

Admission is based on a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Diploma.


 Curriculum and Syllabi