Master's Program in Maritime Law and Coastal Territories

Магистър по морско право

Faculty: Faculty of Legal Studies
Degree: Master
Mode of Study: full-time, part-time

Programme Profile:
The digitized Master's program in "Maritime Law and Coastal Territories" is the first of its kind in Bulgaria. It aims to meet the modern needs of highly qualified specialists in international Maritime law, the shipping regime and fisheries control. About 80% of international economic exchange is carried out by sea transport. Many and varied international acts of a universal, multilateral, regional and bilateral nature regulate this type of transport. The national legislations of the countries participating in the process are also directly related to this regulation. In modern commercial shipping, specific transport risks are constantly increasing. Fisheries control is significant in recent years as an element of exclusive competence in EU policies.
The curriculum has been developed based on Bulgarian and foreign experience in the training of specialists in Maritime law. It is per Bulgarian legislation, the current international legal framework, and EU law. The acquisition of the mandatory minimum of legal knowledge and the opportunity for students to orient themselves towards their desired specialization through training in the elective disciplines is ensured. The study programs in the relevant disciplines implementing the curriculum in the study of theory, legislation and law enforcement are built on the principles of interdisciplinary and comparative legal approach.


Requirements and Length of Study:
The Master's program has two semesters (one year) dedicated to courses; the third semester is a master's thesis semester.


Admission to the Master's program in "Maritime Law and Coastal Territories" is based on documents - with a Master's degree diploma in the professional area 3.6 Law