Criminal law

PhD Programme: Criminal Law
Faculty: Faculty of Legal Studies
Educational and Scientific Degree: Doctor
Scientific Major: 3.6 Law
Mode of Study: part-time; full-time; individual


Programme Profile:

Burgas Free University offers a PhD Programme in professional field 3.6 Law (Criminal Law) to the graduates in Law of Bulgarian and foreign universities (upon recognition of the degree certificate according to the regulations in the Republic of Bulgaria). The education in the PhD Programme in Criminal Law is aimed at developing competent and educated specialists and researchers in the area of criminal law. The main aspect of education is the mastering of the methodology for research and writing of scientific papers in the area of law, as well as preparation for teaching in Criminal law at higher education institutions. The PhD students are provided with opportunities for participation in various research activities, such as organizing and conducting seminars and conferences, development and participation in research projects and publications.

PhD Graduates Competences:
The PhD Graduates are expected to acquire specialized knowledge in the area of criminal law, to develop the main skills and abilities for doing research and teaching at higher education institutions and for working in the legislative process. After successful completion of the programme the PhD graduates are expected to possess substantial practical skills for working in the process of law enforcement.

PhD students need to acquire the number of credits required and defend a PhD thesis.

Professional Qualification and Career Opportunities:
The programme graduates are highly qualified specialists who can work in the sphere of research and teaching at higher education institutions in the area of law; they can work as judges, public prosecutors, defense attorneys, public defenders, investigators, penitentiary officers, etc., who can deal with the most complicated theoretical and practical problems of criminal law enforcement.