Technical Requirements

Scientific announcements, articles or research studies and their abstracts should be sent to the following e-mail address: . Authors should also send/leave a printed copy (one-sided, numbered in pencil) with Mrs. Lilia Valcheva in room 213 at Burgas Free University.

The target length of the papers should be as follows:
a scientific announcement - up to 4 standard pages
an article – up to 8 standard  pages
a research study – up to 26 standard pages

Technical parameters:
Articles should be written on a standard A4 page, with the following margins of the printing field:

  • for the first page: up – 65 mm, down – 40 mm, left – 45 mm, right – 30 mm;
  • for the rest of the pages: up - 50 mm, down - 40 mm, left - 45 mm, right - 30 mm.

Font: Times New Roman, Size 10 , Normal, single line spacing .


The head page should contain the following elements:
the title of the paper, printed in capital letters in bold font - Size 12, outstanding at 65 mm from the upper side of the page; justified
the academic rank, degree and the name of the author(s) and the institution, written after one blank line under the title, bold  font - Size 10.

The title, the name of the author(s), the abstract and the key words in English should be placed as follows:
the title - after one blank line, in bold font, in capital letters - Size 12;
 the name of the author(s) – after one blank line under the title, in bold font, justified - Size 10;
 the abstract: in italic font (length up to five lines ) after one blank line under the name of the author(s), in bold font - Size 10;
 the key words in italic font after one blank line under the abstract, in bold font- Size 10.

The text of the scientific announcement, article or research study should begin after two blank lines. The figures and tables should be positioned in the text. All paragraphs of the main body of the text should be with justified alignment with special indentation of the first line 12 mm.

The literature quoted in the text should be indicated with a figure, put in brackets [ ], and the numbers of the formulas – with a figure, to the left, in small brackets ( ).

The bibliography should be written at the end of the paper according to the standard of the bibliographic description (see the example provided below ) after two blank lines.

The text and bibliography should finish at the end of the page.


Невена Георгиева Стаматова

1 blank line 

Бургаски свободен университет

1 blank line 

Nevena Gеоrgieva Stamatova

1 blank line 


1 blank line 

Key words:

1 blank line 

Main body of the article

2 blank line 

If the text contains formulae use Equation Editor, font Italic - Size 10
( 1 ) Сдоп.  A. Wq. N

1 blank line 

1.     Велниц, Ан. Международен етикет. С., 2007.
2.    Вем, Ал. Езикът на жестовете. С., 2009.
3.    Гарнер, А. и Ал. Пиз. Язык разговора. М., 2008.