The first page should contain the following information: heading (no abbreviations); name and surname of the author(s); organisation (institution)  

A resume (not exceeding 100 words/around 10 lines) is required in Bulgarian and English  with  5-8 key words, a short CV, corresponding to the form attached  and a declaration, stating that the article/paper has neither been published elsewhere nor it is in a process of approval or publication in another research journal.

The tables, diagrams and graphics included in the paper should also be provided as separate files. Their exact positioning in the text should be clear.

The text should be carefully checked for mistakes before being submitted for review, editing and publication.

Technical parameters: Articles should be written on a standard A4 page, with the following margins of the printing field: up – 5 cm, down – 5,2 cm, left – 4 cm, right – 3 cm; font Times New Roman, Size 11 pt, line spacing 1. Maximum volume - 10 pages(around 2950 signs per page).

The articles should be submitted on an electronic device (Word.doc) and printed in paper in two copies to the Editorial Office of the Journal:

  • Burgas Free University
  • JOURNAL OF LEGAL STUDIES (Iuridicheski Sbornik)
  • 62, San Stefano Str
  • 8001 Burgas
  • e – mail:

Citation within the text: surname of the author(s), year, page number. For example, (Ignatov, 2008: 56). When citing two or more publications by the same author within the same year, letter indexes should be added to the year of publication. For example, (Ignatov, 2008 А : 56) and (Ignatov 2008 B : 17), etc.

 In accordance with the spelling rules of Modern Bulgarian language. If the bibliography contains references in an alphabet other than the Latin one, then they should be transliterated into Latin. In transliteration the letters should be transliterated in the following way:

А = А K = К Ф = F
Б = В Л = L X = Н
В = V М = М Ц = ТS
Г = G Н = N Ч = СН
Д = D О = О Ш = SН
Е = Е П = Р Щ = SНТ
Ж = ZH Р = R Ъ = U
3 = Z С = S Ь = Y
И = I Т = Т Ю = YU
Й = Y У = U Я = YА

Georgiev, Boyan. Obshta klauza za obzhalvane na administrativnite aktove//Yuridicheski sbornik, 2012, tom XIX, str. 27-34.