Programming competition club

The Programming Competition Club /PCC/ in Burgas Free University is a school for teaching programming to children. It is an educational institution which aims at promoting the interest of school children in programming and training the future Bulgarian champions in Informatics.

The students in PCC are trained to:

  • acquire knowledge and develop skills in Programming;
  • develop logical thinking;
  • learn about Informatics in an easy way;
  • meet other children with similar interests;
  • participate in national and international competitions;
  • develop professional skills for programming.

The education and training in PCC consists of two courses in Programming: a course in C++ and a course in C#.
The courses start at the beginning of every academic year, in October. The sessions comply with the schedule of competitions in Informatics, and are held every Saturday and Sunday in the computer rooms in Burgas Free University. The education is provided by lecturers in Informatics from the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering in BFU. University students from the Club in competitive programming at the same faculty are also engaged in the training of children.
For further information, visit the website of PCC:  

Ass. Prof. Dimitar Minchev, PhD
Head of PCC
Тel.: +359 56 900 477
+359 889 178 872
BFU, office 417