Laboratory for psychologICAL and social RESEARCH

The Laboratory for Psychological and Social Research in the Faculty of Humanities at Burgas Free University is a scientific unit which conducts research in various areas of Psychology, Social work and social life. Experts in Psychology, Social work, Pedagogy, Journalism and PR, as well as undergraduate students reading the above subjects, are involved in the work of the Laboratory.

Main activities:

  • implementing research projects, as well as carrying out practical activities and tasks, allocated by organizations and research institutions;
  • developing cooperation with other research institutions and organizations in the country and abroad, functioning in the areas of psychological and social research;
  • carrying out joint activities with NGOs, social institutions and organizations in Burgas and the region;
  • providing methodological support to social workers and consultants, sociologists, journalists and PR specialists for the use of diagnostic tools.

The Laboratory also aims at establishing connections between the research, training and practical work of the students in the Faculty of Humanities, namely:

  • helping students to get further information on the theoretical framework of research in Psychology and Social Work;
  • providing opportunities for students to participate in joint research activities with faculty members, to analyse and interpret results, and to speculate on their practical application in their future career;
  • providing opportunities for joint debates with faculty members on topics of common interest in the areas of psychological prognostics and diagnostics;
  • encouraging self-exploration of students.

Assoc. Prof. Yonka Baltadjieva, PhD
tel.: +359 56 900 444
BFU, office 14