The Technology Transfer Office at Burgas Free University was set up in 2012, under the BG161P003-1.2.02-0022-C0001 Project “Creation of New Office for Transfer of Innovative Technologies in the Enterprises of Southeast Region”, funded by the Operational Programme ‘Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy’. The main aim of the office is to contribute for the improvement of the innovative infrastructure, industrial capacity, the export profile an competitiveness of the companies of the Southeastern Region of Bulgaria by assisting them in the process of looking for and implementing new services and innovative decisions in the area of Information Technologies and their applications.

The Technology Transfer Office provides information on developed innovation, as well as on potential customers of innovative ideas and technologies. For that purposes, the Technology Transfer Office has created database in the area of innovations and has set up a virtual office for technology transfer. Besides, the Office is involved in the development of the following:

  • a methodology for dissemination among potential beneficiaries, of innovative technologies, created by BFU and other research units;
  • a methodology for investigating on the demands of companies and the design of a marketing strategy for the implementation of technologies and innovations;
  • a strategy for cooperation with big, small and medium-sized enterprises, for the development of innovations and scientific research;
  • investigating on the potential for the implementation of innovative ideas that have already been developed, and providing consultancy services;
  • designing of pilot demo projects on innovations and prototypes.

The Technology Transfer Office works in the following priority areas:

  • Information technologies;
  • Eco- and Energy-saving technologies;
  • Economic analyses and assessment.

The Office offers the following consultancy services:

  • analytical needs analysis of research activities, access to innovations and technologies in the respective areas of activity of the companies in the region;
  • providing contacts with research groups, for the purpose of analyzing the applicability of innovative technologies in the fields of IT, eco- and energy-saving technologies connected with health issues;
  • development of pilot projects for the transfer of technological decisions;
  • providing access to the database of innovative technologies and their potential customers;
  • providing information on innovative decisions, training seminars, advertisements on the website of the Office;
  • supporting the entrepreneurial activities of young people for the purpose of setting up innovative businesses;
  • providing legal services on intellectual property issues.


Website of The Technology Transfer Office:  


Ass. Prof. Yanislav Zhelev, PhD
Tel. +359 56 900 404
BFU,  office B2


Galina Kalcheva
Tel. +359 56 900 446
BFU, office 16