law clinic

The Law Clinic is part of the Faculty of Legal Studies at Burgas Free University. Its activity is organized in partnership with Burgas Regional Court, the regional division of the Directorate General “Execution of Punishment” in Burgas and the regional directorates of the Ministry of Interior. The Law Clinic aims, on the one hand, to support the work of the partner institutions, and on the other hand, to give opportunities to Law students, with the help of their teachers, to involve in practical work during their semester studies.
In Burgas Regional Court, the Law Clinic takes part in the work of the specialized court administration – the Law students at BFU are engaged in processing civil and criminal cases, attending open sessions of the court, analyzing concrete cases in the court practices.
In the regional directorates of the Ministry of Interior, students look at legal acts and take part in the investigation process.
The Law Clinic works with the prisoners at the Prison of Burgas – the students help and consult prisoners on concrete questions connected with their legal status, hold talks aimed at raising the prisoners legal awareness and acquaint them with the main institutions of Criminal Law, etc.
Besides the practical sessions, the Law Clinic organizes lectures, courses and seminars on topical issues in the legislation and the legal practice. Participants in these events are university lecturers, practising lawyers and civil servants in the government administration.



Ass. Prof. Slavka Dimitrova, PhD
Lecturer at the Faculty of Legal Studies
Tel.: +359 56 900 528
BFU, office 408


Stanka Mircheva
Inspector in the Admissions Office
Tel.: +359 56 900 420
BFU, office 20