centre for distance education

The Centre for Distance Education at Burgas Free University organizes distance learning courses for Master’s programmes and short-term online courses for continuing education. It provides innovative and efficient distance education based on the modern Information and Communication Technologies, consults students and lecturers to work on such courses and develops standards for distance learning courses and programmes, as well as provides monitoring on their implementation.

The distance education that Burgas Free University provides is an Internet-based electronic education. Through Internet access to the system for electronic education of the University, trainees can study online, at a suitable time and without any extra expenses.

Students and trainees enrolled on distance education programmes at Burgas Free University are provided with Internet access to learning electronic resources such as:

  • course books and supplementary materials;
  • video lectures;
  • articles, dictionaries, reference books and presentations;
  • interactive resources and multimedia content;
  • video and audio materials;
  • virtual resources – URL resources, virtual libraries, electronic repository, data base;
  • sample electronic tests, tasks, cases and online testing and evaluation.

The distance education takes place through active interaction with the lecturer, by means of synchronous and asynchronous tools, such as forums, chats, video conferences, e-mails, etc. Group and individual face-to-face consultations are also provided.
Website of the Centre for Distance Education: http://ucdo.bfu.bg/  


Prof. Maria Alexieva, PhD
Dean of the Faculty of Humanities
Tel. +359 56 900 534
+359 888 653 330
BFU, office 414

Elka Mavrodieva
Head of the IT Department
Tel. +359 56 900 484
BFU, office 205