PhD Programme in Informatics

PhD Programme: Informatics
Faculty: Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
Educational and Scientific Degree: Doctor
Scientific Major: 4.6 Informatics and Computer Science
Mode of Study: part-time; full-time


Programme Profile:
The students with a Master’s degree can continue with their education in the PhD programme. The programme provides fundamental theoretical knowledge in the field of informatics and computer science, practical skills for the general use of information technology and computer systems, skills for adaptability in terms of the rapid development of information technology and computer technics; skills to create and apply mathematical models, to develop and introduce modern information systems; skills for research work as well as methodical preparation for teaching in universities.


PhD Graduates Competences:
The PhD Graduates are specialists who are able to develop, introduce, operate and evaluate different software and hardware systems in various information environments. They have a thorough knowledge of the basic theoretical tools, expertise and abilities to do a research work. They are specialists in computer processing and classification of information; they have knowledge of the development of mathematical models and algorithms; they are prepared to work in universities and can apply their new approaches in their work.


PhD students need to acquire the number of credits required and defend a PhD thesis.


Professional Qualification and Career Opportunities:
The PhD Graduates are specialists who can start a career in the field of software and hardware systems, the development of mathematical models and algorithms. They are highly valued as lecturers at universities and researchers capable of doing independent research work.