Organization and Management of Social Work

PhD Programme: Organization and Management of Social Work
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Educational and Scientific Degree: Doctor
Scientific Major: 3.4. Social Work
Mode of Study: part-time; individual

Programme Profile:
The PhD Programme in Organization and Management of Social Work is aimed at responding to the needs of the constantly changing social environment and policy, as well as making the available services across the regions and the country compatible with the European practice. The curriculum follows the focus of the programme, i.e. organization and management of social work concerning help to both people lacking social, emotional and health well-being and individuals that need to develop their personal and professional potentials in the contemporary society. PhD students are given the opportunity to learn about scientific approaches to modern ways of organizing relationships and supplying social services. They also learn how to create innovative models for social planning and management of social work and social institutions. The process of mastering and applying good practices in the social sphere at the turn of 21st century requires profound scientific research of its issues (general and specific).

PhD Graduates Competences:
The process of training and research aims at preparing the PhD students to prove both their personal and professional competence with regard to:
Self-research studies in social theory and practice;
Research and implementation of activities in social institutions and organizations through introducing the results of their own research in the organization and management of social work;
Research and teaching at universities in subjects from professional field 3.4 Social Work;
Management in the social sphere for positions that require the appropriate qualifications;
Expert activities for positions that require the appropriate qualifications and the need of solving research and practical tasks.
PhD students need to acquire the number of credits required and defend a PhD thesis.
Professional Qualification and Career Opportunities:
A PhD graduate in Organization and Management of  Social Work can find a job as an expert in various branches of social work where specific expertise in management and organization is necessary, such as:
University lecturer (e.g Asst.Prof. in Social Work, etc.) at universities, colleges, etc.;
Expert at the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, manager of state and municipal social institutions and organizations;
Expert in research institutes and centres (research institutes, media, NGOs, etc.).