The Journal CONTEMPORARY HUMANITARISTICS (Journal Suvremenna Humanitaristika) is issued by the Faculty of Humanities of Burgas Free University.

The mission of Journal CONTEMPORARY HUMANITARISTICS is to be a forum for discussions and debates on topics that are important for the field of humanities; to reflect scientific demands, ideas and achievements of the academics from Burgas Free University; to report on the research events at the Faculty of Humanities of BFU; to serve as a tool for finding and developing of future scientific talents.

The aim of the Journal CONTEMPORARY HUMANITARISTICS is to establish itself as an innovator and leader in the area of contemporary humanities. The aim is to search for what is significant and argumentative, to analyze the variety of theories and concepts in the cultural and public life, as well as to build and defend new concepts in humanities.

The main principle of the Journal is to make space for dialogues between different scientific communities, national traditions and research areas and is directed to searching for new scientific truths and prioritizing the academic originality.

In the conditions of a more intensive internal and international exchange of scientific ideas we expect that the Journal may become a forum for interdisciplinary and international dialogue in all research fields of humanities.

The scope of the Journal: the Journal is designed for researchers, university lecturers, students in humanities, journalists, PR specialists, philologists, social workers.