All articles submitted for publication are reviewed according to the scientific and publishing standards of the journal. Texts which do not correspond to the criteria will not be submitted for review and will be sent back to the author. The authors will receive their reviews up to 2 months after the official submission of their publications to the editorial office of the journal.

  • Approval of publication – for articles with review ‘Approval of publication’ the article will be published in a future issue of the journal.
  • Approval of publication with a requirement for changes and corrections – the article is generally approved for publication but the author should take into account the notes of the reviewer and to make the recommended changes within one month.
  • Rejection with a possibility of future reviewing – the article is rejected for publication at this stage due to the fact that it does not correspond to the scientific criteria of the journal, but because of the interesting topic and content it could be published at a later stage after thorough alteration.
  • Total rejection – the article cannot be published in the journal.

The articles are to be submitted to the editorial office of the Journal:

  • Burgas Free University
  • 62, San Stefano Str
  • 8001 Burgas
  • e-mail: