Electronic Journal Computer Science and Communications

The Electronic Journal COMPUTER SCIENCE AND COMMUNICATIONS of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at Burgas Free University is a scientific journal with publications in the field of information and communication technology. The journal is included in the VINITI RAN Database (The All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of the Russian Academy of Sciences) and it is also included in the recommended reference database of the National Centre for Information and Documentation (NACID). The main areas in the scope of this scientific edition are:

  • computer and communication networks;
  • microprocessor engineering and integrated circuit design;
  • programmable logic gates and controllers;
  • communications and computer security;
  • reliability of computer and communication systems;
  • systems modeling and process modeling;
  • computer simulations;
  • computer programming;
  • electronic circuit design;
  • electronics;
  • renewable energy sources;
  • design of components, products and systems;
  • optical and conventional cable engineering;
  • optical communications;
  • radio engineering, microwave and satellite communications;
  • mobile communications, etc.

Prof. Angel Toshkov, PhD
Editor in Chief
tel: +359 56 900 591
Burgas Free University, room B-1
e-mail: angel@bfu.bg

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