BFU tries to stimulate its students to reach great achievements and boost their skills. The university supports various student ideas which would develop their competitive professional advantages and help to form a strong and efficient student community. On the idea of the students were established a student PR Academy, various clubs, workshops, which reflect their interests and aim at developing their talents and practical skills, as well as prepare them for their future professional career.

Student PR Agency PRACTA

The Student PR Agency PRACTA was established on 15 December 2006. The main aim is to provide opportunities to the students in Public Relations at BFU to develop practical communication skills, guided by the Bulgarian Public Relations Association (IPRA), the International PR Association and the European PR Education and Research Association (EUPRERA).

Debates Club

Students at BFU have the opportunity to improve their communicative skills and develop skills for persuasive speech through participation in discussions on various thematic fields. The Debates Club incorporates students of all degree programmes at BFU. Club Manager

The Club Manager

involves students in various specialities in the area of economics and management and provides floor to discussions, exchange of ideas. The Club works with specialists and practitioners from the public and private sector and create realistic possibilities for student professional realization.

Club in Civil Law Studies and Civil Procedure Law

The Club involves students in Law at BFU who show great interest in Civil Law Studies and aims to prepare the students for participation in various case solving competitions. The participants in the Club organize discussions and write projects on legal issues, analyze the court practices. Programming Competition Club Burgas Free University

Programming Competition

Club guides and assists students with additional interests in programming, learning algorithms for solving difficult tasks, evaluating the complexity of the algorithms, dealing with additional restrictions related to algorithm efficiency and speed. The Club organizes internal university competition in programming and selects teams to participate in the annual National Student Olympiad in Programming, carried out in accordance with the rules of the international organization ACM.

Student Theater

The student theater at BFU was established in 2007. Students from all faculties participate in it as actors and so far they have performed more than 10 plays of Bulgarian and foreign authors. Every year a casting for new talents is organized.

Student Newspaper Student Passions

The Student newspaper Student Passions is a publication of BFU. It gives opportunities to the students in Journalism to practice their profession and a chance for development of young talents. The newspaper is a popular publication among the students. It reflects all the important events in the academic life of the university, informs about new opportunites and expresses students’ opinion about the education at BFU.

Broadcast „The Wall”

The broadcast „The Wall” is a joint project of BFU and Radio Bulgaria – Burgas and is carried out by students in Journalism at BFU. The main project idea is to build a bridge between the academic preparation of the students and the journalism practice on the field.

University Sports Club

The University Sports Club at BFU provides opportunities to the students, lecturers and staff to practice free of charge various sport activities, as well as salsa, folk dances, aikido, tai-chi. The schedule for the various sports is announced on the notice boards in the university lobby and on the web site of the university.