University Library

Университетска библиотека

The University Library at Burgas Free University contributes to the education and training of students and staff and is developed in compliance with the University profile and the subjects taught at its four faculties.
The library provides the following services:

  • automated search for information on various topics;
  • lending of books;
  • reading rooms;
  • Internet access;
  • counselling on the use of electronic data base.

Requirements for the use of the University Library:

  • the University Library provides services to the students, faculty and staff of Burgas Free University, after registering and being issued a membership card and file of records;
  • customers from outside the University must register and pay a fee in order to use the Library;
  • single copies of books, reference books and periodicals cannot be lent.

Working hours:

Monday to Friday
9:00 - 17:00 часа
9:00 - 15:00 часа

The Library is closed on Sundays


Director Diana Adamova +359 56 900 434
Processing Sabka Moreeva +359 56 900 405
Lending Service Anushka Chaneva +359 56 900 439
Antoaneta Krasteva +359 56 900 439
Reading room Yana Karshiyska +359 56 900 435