Quality management stems from BSU's status as a non-state higher education institution and from the university's mission to prepare competitive specialists with higher qualifications and qualities for rapid professional realization and development in a dynamic and globalizing environment.

The Burgas Free University is currently in the process of work and certification according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, and all main activities and directions are being prepared for certification: education of students in bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, qualification activities, research activities and international activities.


The methods and processes of the quality management at BFU are as follows: 

  • Annual questionnaires are developed and carried out with the applicants of BFU, the students, the graduates, the teachers and the employers. 
  • Regular internal audits are carried out to monitor all the main, auxiliary and service activities and structural units of the university. 
  • The results of the questionnaires and audits are analyzed by the university management and through the system of decision making and control specific measures are planned. 
  • Regular training courses are held in order to improve the qualification of the teachers and staff according to the needs analysis carried out. 
  • Annual evaluation and attestation of the university academic staff is carried out. 



Prof. Mariya Alexieva, PhD
Vice Rector
Representative of the university management as regards the quality assurance
BFU, office 306, tel. +359 56 900 506


Svetla Hadzhieva
Quality Management Department
BFU, office 16, tel: +359 56 900 446