Sofia Martins

Sofia Martins

Hi! My name is Sofia Martins and I'm 27 years old.

I'm from Portugal and live in Serpa, a small city in Alentejo Region, near to Beja where I study Business Management at the Polytechnic Institute of Beja.

I like to know new cultures and countries. So that's the reason I chose Bulgaria, because it's a country I didn't know many things about and it seemed to me the best choice.

 I think Burgas is a beautiful place to live, with nice people, good weather and many things to see and know. The choice of BFU was not difficult, a friend was here to study in a summer program and told me very good things about the University, so it was easy to choose to come here.

Until now all my expectations are being complied and I feel that I couldn't have chosen a better place to study.