Computer Modelling

Faculty: Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
Degree: Bachelor
Professional Qualification: Bachelor of Informatics and Computer Science
Mode of Study: full- time, part-time
Length of Study: 4 years


Programme Profile:
The students of Computer Modelling receive fundamental interdisciplinary and practical knowledge to develop and use computer models and simulations in modern software development environments. They study new technologies for mathematical modelling, analysis and synthesis of the dynamic processes and systems in engineering and industry, the economic and social sphere, etc. The course studies include: Computer Modelling Technologies, Design of Mobile Applications, the Internet of Things, ASP.NET applications, 3D Modelling and 3D Printing, etc. The students are actively involved in the design, development and analysis of models for the purposes of scientific, empirical and applied research.

The specific nature of the programme allows for the continuous improvement by introducing new courses such as cloud technologies, signal and image processing, web services, mathematical modelling, high- performance computing, etc.


Practical Training and Internship:

Specialized practice is provided, as a part of the curriculum, as well as practical training in IT companies. The students can take internships abroad under the Erasmus + programme. They can also enrol in the clubs for Programming and Robotics, the Academy for talents in programming ,etc. Students are given the opportunity to obtain international certification for system administrators within the CISCO academy at the Faculty.


International Credit Mobility:

The Erasmus+ programme provides opportunities to the students to receive a grant and study abroad at our partner universities in Germany, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.


Career Opportunities:

The graduates of the Bachelor Programme in Computer Modelling can work in organizations and companies that use software technologies for computer modelling and simulations in all sectors of the industry. Other possible realization for them is the research work or teaching.


Admission of Bulgarian students in the Bachelor Programme in Computer Modelling is based on their matriculation exam grades or entrance exam grades.
Admission of international students is based on their secondary education diploma allowing them access to higher education in their country of origin.


 Curriculum and Syllabi