Master’s Degree in Traffic Accident Investigations and Traffic Safety Management

Faculty: Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
Degree: Master
Professional Qualification: Master of Engineering
Mode of Study: part-time

Programme Profile: 
The Masters of Traffic Accident Investigations and Traffic Safety Management can work as: experts at the judicature, prosecution, inquest, insurance companies; regular experts in State Vehicle Inspection, Traffic Police, institutes of criminology, State Agency for National Security, Chief Directorate ‘Combating Organized Crime’, Ministry of Interior, municipal services, etc. This specialty provides excellent knowledge and skills in the field of traffic accident investigations and traffic safety management, valuation of damages in cases of road accidents, organization and traffic safety, forensic investigation, etc. 

Requirements and Length of Study:
Graduates in professional fields 4.6. Informatics and Computer Science, 5.1. Mechanical Engineering, 5.2. Electrotechnics, Electronics and Automation, 5.3. Communication and Computer Technology, 5.4. Energetics, 5.5. Transport, Shipping Navigation and Aviation, 5.6. Materials and Materials Sciences, 5.10. Chemical Technologies and 5.13. General Engineering study for two semesters (one academic year) and write a Master’s thesis. Graduates in other professional fields can enroll in the Programme after passing a foundation (preparatory) module of subjects.

Admission is based on a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Diploma.


 Curriculum and Syllabi