Faculty: Faculty of Legal Studies
Degree: Master
Professional Qualification: Master of Public Administration
Mode of Study: part-time

Programme Profile:
The Master programme in Public Administration provides specialized knowledge by developing skills in the spheres of modern administrative, information and managerial techniques and strategic approaches. The programme takes into account the specifics of the region, the problems of regional development and the cohesion policy of the EU. There is emphasis on the financial strategies of the EU and on the financing of regional and national projects. Postgraduates who have completed the Master programme in Public Administration can work in all levels of the state and regional administration of the country.

Requirements and Length of Study:
Graduates in professional fields 3.7. Administration and Management, 3.6. Law and 3.8. Economics, study for two semesters (one year) and write a Master’s thesis. Candidates who have graduated in other professional fields can also enroll, but will have to read additional subjects. Education lasts four semesters and ends with the writing of a Master’s thesis.

Admission is based on a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Diploma.


 Curriculum and Syllabi